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Improve HR knowledge, maintain compliance, prevent litigation and reduce training time and costs. Make your Workplace Harassment, FMLA, Diversity, Workforce Management and HR trainings online and entertaining!

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"We were looking for a way to provide training in a manner that was easy for the manager to access and complete, and felt like it was value added rather than another “mandated education session.” We found what we were looking for in Training Advisor. From the very beginning, the professionals at Training Advisor have made every effort to accommodate our unique needs due to our size and our decentralized structure. The results have been outstanding, and we’ve been providing weekly training to over 10,000 managers since December, 2009."

Kelly Furbee,
AVP-Employee & Labor Relations, HCA

  • Ready-to-use HR Training Courses
  • Simple, Easy-to-use Email Delivery Model
  • Up-to-date HR & Legal Content

Make HR training easy to implement with our ready-to-use courses on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Diversity, Workforce Management, Employee Performance, Termination and a host of HR topics.

Our weekly email delivery model makes training simple, consistent and convenient.

Training Subjects
Sexual Harrassment
Training Advisor can help your organization prevent Sexual Harassment by using a fun, engaging interface that can be accessed by any computer with a web browser.
Training Advisor uses a fun, engaging interface to quickly and effectively train staff on FMLA using an e-mail delivery model.
Training Advisor quickly and effectively trains staff on hiring and termination laws using a fun, interactive interface and an e-mail delivery model.

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